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All of us want to be the best parent we can be, but we sometimes doubt whether we are doing what’s best for our children. Good parenting skills are learned; we’re not born with them. But where should you go for parenting advice and tips? There are hundreds of parenting websites. Which ones offer the best parenting resources? Take a look at these sites Best Parenting Advice Online

Best Parenting Advice Online:What’s your parenting style?

Experts have identified four basic styles: authoritative, permissive, authoritarian, and hands-off. Whatever your approach, here’s how to make the most of your parenting style.  Studies have identified four major parenting styles: permissive, authoritarian, authoritative, and hands-off

As a parent, your approach to your child is as unique as you are. You can’t just wake up one day and be a different person because you read a book or watched a devilishly effective mother on the playground. Parenting isn’t only a collection of skills, rules, and tricks of the trade. It’s who you are, what your family culture is, and how you transmit the most personal aspects of your values to your child.

But here are the facts: nearly 50 years of research have found that some parenting styles are more effective than others and show far better outcomes for children.

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Hands-off parenting style

You and your daughter have been doing errands all Sunday and you both come home tired and cranky. Your daughter has homework and she announces she needs lots of help, despite your throbbing headache. You say:

1) “I will help you, but get started on it on your own and do what you can.” 

2) “It’s not my homework. You have to do it on your own. And make sure you do a good job or there will be punishments.”

3) “Why don’t I do your homework with you?”  

4) “I have such a headache. Please do it on your own or just skip it tonight. After all, it’s been a long day and I know how tired you are.” 

Have you ever been the parent who chooses D? Hands-off or uninvolved parenting emphasizes learning through experience: you don’t shelter your children from the lessons that naturally happen from their mistakes. But it’s hard knowing when to let our children make their own mistakes. In times of our own stress or discomfort, it’s definitely tempting to tell your children you’ve had enough and they are on their own.

The problem with this approach is that if it comes because of your mood, not your child’s needs, it can undermine her own motivation to, say, do well in school. You could argue that by not helping, you’re helping your child be more independent. But suggesting she skip her homework when she really needs help is not the time to teach autonomy.

Best Parenting Advice Online:Authoritarian parenting style

Your teenage children have been asking to go to a party at the home of a kid you’d rather they not socialize with. After telling them you don’t want them to go, they launch a full assault with tears and arguments that all their friends are going and that you’re the strictest parent in the whole world. In response you:

1) say, “OK, fine, you can go. But don’t expect me to help you get there. You have to find your own ride.”

2) ground them for talking back to you and questioning your judgment.

3) say, “I want to sit down and talk to hear your concerns, but I’m not going to change my mind as long as I feel the party won’t be a safe place.”

4) realize they have a point – they should be able to go to a party all their friends are attending. You even offer to take them to the party, but because you’re concerned about safety, you wait in a nearby café and pick them up at the end of the night.

Are you the parent that might choose B? No doubt, authoritarian parents do not accept the notion that the home is a democracy with the loudest voices winning. Old-fashioned rules help your children understand where they stand, what they are allowed to do, and what is expected of them. Unlike permissive parents who always want to be liked, authoritarian parents expect to be respected.

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1. Gerber Foods, the baby food manufacturer, has an excellent parenting website,, filled with information on parenting issues for those with infants to toddler-age children. Particularly useful is their Parents Resource Center, a 24/7 live help forum for parenting questions and problems that arise in the middle of the night as well as those in the more civilized hours.

2. Do you have a toddler that you’re toilet training? Do you need to share your parenting experiences and get advice on what you are doing right or wrong? is a parenting website that offers easy-to-read advice on parenting toilet training. Their series of helpful articles and parenting take you through the entire process and the FAQ sections helps with basic parenting advice.

3. A successful parenting website relies on trust and who has better credentials on parenting that the people who have brought us the PBS show, Sesame Street for all of these years. Their parenting articles on give advice on parenting toddlers as well as older children. Recent parenting articles have included “How to Raise an Eager Reader” and advice on keeping your parenting resolutions. There’s also nutrition information and recipes as well as kids activity ideas. It’s a great parenting resource.

4. Parents of teenagers will appreciate the free parenting tips on In addition to articles, there are self-tests that allow parents to measure the effectiveness of their parenting techniques. Another highlight of the site is the open parent/teen forum that gives both teens and adults the chance to share their thoughts.

Remember that you’re not alone. Best Parenting Advice Online. There are thousands of parenting resources online. From parenting workshops to parenting forums, there’s a wealth of information available for parents with children of any age.

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