Tomura Shigaraki Biography.

Shigaraki Tomura is a villain and one of the main antagonists of the Ultimate Space & Jams Arc. His goal is to kill All Might “The Symbol of Peace,” thus destroying the society he represents and to create a new one with a new form of justice in his own image.

Tomura Shigaraki age is 20-year-old young man. He has light skin and messy light, pale hair (blue in the anime). His lips are chapped and dry, with a scar on his left side of his lips and a mole on his right.

why Does Tomura Shigaraki Scratch His Neck.

It could be a response to anxiety, since I noticed he scratches his neck a lot when a plan doesn’t work.

But it could also be a certain urge for violence he’s trying to stop. Even though he’s a villain, because of his terrible backstory I can’t imagine him liking to use his quirk, and maybe he tries to only use his quirk when he has to, since it would make sense he doesn’t like being reminded of what he did in the past by accident.

I noticed that I can easily subconciously copy behaviours from characters (For example, If I love a show, and a character that gets enough screen time to be noticable has a habit for scratching their hair when they’re nervous, I tend to sometimes do the same). This also happened slightly with Shigaraki’s neck scratching, I tend to sometimes really slightly scratch my neck when I’m really angry at someone. So it could be a response to anger, to stress.. Or to dry skin. But I don’t think it’s that shallow.

Could Tomura Shigaraki be redeemed?

Tomura Shigaraki is basically a young guy who couldn’t handle his own painful experience in life because of how terrible it was to him back when he was a kid. Then after losing control of his emotional behavior, he went berserk and destroyed everything and everyone in his way. After that, he ended up alone with nothing until he met All For One and he decided to take him in and train him to stay under control with his own power and rebuild his character.

Shigaraki isn’t getting redeemed. He’s being built up as the new big bad of the series. Plus the unlucky combination of the following:

Shigaraki having a abusive father who despises heroes because his mother abandoned him to become one

His mom and grandparents never stepping in to help him causing him to start hating everything

His Decay quirk awakening causing him to kill his entire family

Hero Society ignoring his plight

All For One taking him under his wing and raising him to become his evil successor.

Long Answer: At this point? No, i don’t. I feel like Tomura has fallen too far down the rabbit hole of evil to even qualify for redemption at this point. I mean, the guy killed his entire family when his quirk first manifested.

And before all of that, he was being abused by his father (Kotaro) for being interested in superheroes at a young age

My Hero Academia Chapter 234

Just like another young boy we know but under much different circumstances…

Geez, what is it with this series and abusive fathers? I know we’ve only seen Endeavor mistreat Shoto but come on.

My Hero Academia Chapter 235

Not only that, but the fact that neither his mom nor his maternal grandparents did a thing to really stop it. All they ever really did was comfort him. Even when he was getting beaten, they all got a bad case of Bystander Syndrome and didn’t even move in to stop his father.

My Hero Academia Chapter 234

You may ask, why does Shigaraki’s dad beat him for liking superheroes? Well let me explain. It’s because Tomura Shigaraki’s real name is Tenko Shimura. Does the last name Shimura sound familiar to you? Well, that’s because Tenko’s paternal grandma is none other than Nana Shimura, All Might’s former master and the 7th wielder of One For All.

We later find out later in this chapter when Tenko’s older sister Hana shows him a picture of when their dad (Kotaro) was a kid with their grandmother

Unfortunately, their father finds out and he ain’t happy that they went in his office.

Tenko’s father then says that Nana Shimura wasn’t Shigaraki’s grandmother. Not because they aren’t related by blood or genetics or anything. It’s because.

“A Hero is nothing but someone who hurts their own family for the sake of helping others”

You can literally hear Tenko think: “Please don’t just watch Someone save me!!!”

In a later panel, we see Kotaro look at a letter from Nana explaining how sorry she is for what she has to do. For those of you who don’t know, Nana had to abandon her own son to FOSTER CARE in order to protect him from any villains wanting to do him harm.

Kotoro’s hatred of heroes stems from the fact that his mom gave up raising her child in order to help people who she didn’t even know. Of course Kotaro at a young age wouldn’t understand why she would do that and of course he’d be angry about it. Imagine how Kotaro must’ve felt being put there, seemingly abandoned by his own mother at a young age. Imagine how mad he must’ve been and in turn, how his opinion on heroes had deteriorated over the years to make him the adult he was. 

He doesn’t even know how badly the reprecussions of his mistreatment towards his son would be until it was too late.

This is one reason why i don’t think Shigaraki can be redeemed at all. He started to lose his kindness because of his father’s bitterness over his mother choosing heroics over her own family and the inaction of his mother and grandparents to try and stop the abuse. Which lead to him accidentally killing his entire family when his quirk awakened.

He even wonders why his family always sided with his dad and how one bad thing after another came along and piled up to a point where he couldn’t take it anymore and just started hating everything.

Things don’t get much better for Tenko since he was basically homeless and nobody bothered to even lift a finger to help him. They all probably shared the same collective thought: “Oh well, a hero will probably show up to save that poor boy so there’s no reason for me to get involved”.

Meeting All For One basically ceased all hope of Shigaraki even being redeemed anyway

If you ask me, Shigaraki’s road to villany and why he wants to destroy everything is because of the flawed system that Hero Society has created. He even says something like this during his introduction in the USJ Arc

I know my answer probably has some holes in it and isn’t perfect but i hope it makes some sense to you guys. As for the person who asked this question, i hope my answer gave you some insight at least.

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